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Great story! Now what?

One of the best things about a collection of short stories is that you discover all sorts of authors that you've never heard of -- people you wouldn't ordinarily read. Of course, one of the frustrating things about a collection of short stories is that you might like an author, and just sort of lose sight of them, and not think about them again.

We're here to help with that last part.

Each week, librarians Alan and Max will be talking to the mystery authors you've been reading, and getting advice straight from them about what to read next. They'll tell you about their own work, books and authors they've loved, and even spill some secrets on the stories in the very book you've been reading. Which story was inspired by a hot tub encounter with a stranger? Which story has a detective that's inspired by another author in the book? Come back to find out.

We'll include link in each post to make it as easy as possible to snag copies of the books they're referencing, and there just may be an audio clue that could help with the case.

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